Thursday, January 28, 2010


To celebrate the paperback release of The Unknown Knowns on March 2, we've summoned the slain titans of prog rock to craft a ballad about the annihilation of Nautika. We spent Tuesday at Seaside Lounge studios in Brooklyn, with the mighty Josh Clark manipulating the board, and walked out several hours and one triangle solo later with the volcanic, Crimsonic, Nautikon saga "Song of the Great Kataklysm."

Tyrannicide is the Thor-like drumsmith Alexis Fleisig (of GvsB), Sohrab "Shredd Spread" Habibion (who forged the tune from raw adamantium), Greg Simpson (who called the thunder down from the sky, and sent it home with a bag lunch), and the truly unreal vocal stylings of Matt Payne and Margaret McCartney (ex of Tuscadero and Hot Pursuit). Margaret and I did lyrics, and I laid down a few un-Fripp-worthy licks.

Sohrab and Greg are half of Brooklyn's Obits, whose freaking terrific debut album is my soundtrack of summer fridays. Matt has been fired by the Misfits on no fewer than three occasions for sounding "too much like Dio." Is that even possible?

Okay, so where's the song? Coming soon.

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