Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Kataklysm's Hour is Nigh

Actually, it's here! Finally, the video for Tyrannicide's "Song of the Great Kataklysm" has arrived! Took a while because, well, first I had to learn how to use FinalCut, then we had to make a big foam-rubber volcano costume, and then I had to convince everyone to wear it, and, and.... The video was shot by master photographer Todd Warnock. The band: Sohrab Habibion (of Obits, on magma ax), Margaret McCartney (ex of Tuscadero, as Queen Ô), Matt Payne (as the eerily Dio-like voice of the Volcano), Alexis Fleisig (of GvsB on lava triangle and drums), and Greg Simpson (of Obits, bringing the thunder from down under (the Earth's mantle)). Look OUT!


  1. Any song that can use "supersonic ballyhoo" in it gets bonus points from me.

  2. A tour de force! Some real good FinalCut editing.